Dan Puckett


A Story

As I recall, it all concerned a snake.
    A giant snake that... wait.  Perhaps a man.
    A thief in a green garden.  What did he take?

It will come back.  In any case, I can
    Recall the gist, and in time I will
    Remember details.  Here's how it began:

I woke up... when?  I know I waited till
    First light.  Or maybe light was how...
    Oh, must you squirm?  For heaven's sake, sit still!

Yes, I remember.  Please don't rush me now.
    He watched the woods and hills behind my place
    While I was gone.  I made him take a vow

Of some sort....  Can't recall his face
    To save my life, but he was handsome, I
    Know that for sure.  He lit up all the space

Between the ocean and the azure sky.
    I loved him like a son.  What was his name?
    Was it "Allen?"  In the end they die

Like all the others, die and leave their shame
    Just lying around.  It hardly matters who
    You pick, the disappointment stays the same.

Where was I?  No, now let me think this through.
    Him and his ugly wife, they stole a... thing.
    A what?  I can't recall.  What could they do

Wrong in my garden?  I still recall the sting
    Of that betrayal, though.  Perhaps he lied?
    Or started dumping garbage in the spring?

In any case, I fired him.  I tried
    An angel next—that worked out OK.
    I lost track of the man, and then he died.

This story has a moral.  I can't say
    Offhand that I recall it, but it's good.
    Amusing and instructive.  In a way

Poignant.  Yes, I'm well aware you should
    Be off.  Places to go, people to see,
    Things to do.  I really wish you could

Stop by more often for a cup of tea.
    I understand.  It can be hard to make
    The time.  Please don't worry about me.