Dan Puckett



User group devoted to Agile software development.
Autofocus forum
For discussion of the Autofocus family of task-management techniques.
Waste Not, Want Not
Interview with an entrepreneur who has built a quality company around a passion for operating without waste
Epictetus: The Discourses
Stoicism. Not a bad translation.
Electoral Vote
Superb site providing statistical analysis of American politics
Why Programmers Suck at Picking Colors
Provides a good method for picking colors for your application
Identity From What-is-Not
A fascinating explanation as to why a culture might reject useful technologies
Trouvelot astronomy paintings
Beautiful paintings of celestial objects and events
Simple Desktops
A collection of simple desktop wallpaper designs.
The Original Training Within Industry manuals
Scanned-in versions of the classic training and management texts
Notes on Programming in C
Rob Pike gives invaluable advice on programming, including an explanation of the power of combining function pointers with data-driven programming. This paper was a big influence on how I code.
Corby's vi Bible
The best quick vi reference I have found
Dave Gingery's philosophy
A legendary tool-builder talks about why and how you should build your own tools
How to pack for a trip
Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools
"A cool tool can be any book, gadget, software, video, map, hardware, material, or website that is tried and true."
Ed, man! !man ed
Ed is the standard text editor.
Smokey the Bear Sutra
by Gary Snyder